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Span in .NET, C# and other languages

By now probably most .NET developers have heard about the new Span classes, that will be added in the upcoming .NET and C# versions (C# 7.2 to be more precise). I won’t go into details about what it is and … Continue reading

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Detecting code smells with NDepend

I recently had the opportunity to play again with NDepend. From my experience in many companies the developers, even if they find NDepend useful, don’t push enough the management to buy it, for various reasons: ‘we have free/built-in similar tools’, … Continue reading


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When the length of a database field can be misleading

The length of a database field, at least on MS SQL Server, is not what many people think it is. Let’s say that I have a 10 character field: nvarchar(10): Surely we can insert a row with 5 chars in … Continue reading

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Debugging a performance issue in production

One of the projects I’m working on has a component that has a very simple task: reads a record from a database table and based on it, send a message to Microsoft Windows Service Bus. Then the next record is … Continue reading

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NameOf and Obfuscators

I was wondering some time ago how the new ‘nameof‘ operator from C# 6.0 works when using .. obfuscators. Let’s write some code to verify this. I included a few other methods to get the member name (VS2015 RC was … Continue reading

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Patterns and frameworks

Many people, when they first start to study design patterns (usually in university), dive into the ‘Gang-of-four’ reference book and if they have the energy to read it all, in the end they think something like: ‘well, very cool and … Continue reading

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On closures and captured variables

A few days ago, on the project I’m working on, I’ve stumbled on an interesting bug – an example of why it pays off to learn the ‘deeper’ areas of C# language (or any other language). Greatly simplified (and with … Continue reading

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On assumptions and formats

In .NET (and any other framework for that matter), it’s better to never assume anything, but to check twice. Let’s take an example – what do you think, will the following unit test always pass? . . . . . … Continue reading

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How developers start to ignore code smells

Many people wonder how some developers blissfully ignore some best practices when writing code, or aren’t too bothered when they see a code smell in their project. There are many explanations, but an old one is the code they see … Continue reading

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Service Bus for Windows Server: How to define authorization rules at topic level

This is just a ‘reminder’ post for myself (and maybe others) when encountering the same issue. For Service Bus 1.0 for Windows Server (not Azure), at least on a server not joined to a domain, when using local (workgroup) Windows … Continue reading

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