How developers start to ignore code smells

Many people wonder how some developers blissfully ignore some best practices when writing code, or aren’t too bothered when they see a code smell in their project.
There are many explanations, but an old one is the code they see when working with Microsoft framework and samples (and not only Microsoft).

Even if Microsoft did great improvements in this direction in the recent years (clean code, best practices etc.), when some developers see code like the one below, in one of the most recent Microsoft frameworks, what conclusion will they draw? It’s from MS, so it must be right, no? ­čÖé

IdentityConfig.cs – part of the latest ASP.NET Identity 2.0 project template – 6 classes in one file:

UserManager class – part of ASP.NET itself, new class added by Microsoft last year – the screenshot is truncated, it could be twice this size – I’m too tired to count how many public members are in there:
UserManager class

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