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How developers start to ignore code smells

Many people wonder how some developers blissfully ignore some best practices when writing code, or aren’t too bothered when they see a code smell in their project. There are many explanations, but an old one is the code they see … Continue reading

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Debugging a performance issue

One more post on “back to basics” series.. :)I was playing these days with a generic HTTP handler (.ashx) in ASP.NET 4.0 (it could be a web service, it doesn’t matter in this context). The http handler tried to do … Continue reading

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De ce am început să evit ASP.NET WebForms (când pot)

De ce? Unul din motive – complexitatea. În încercarea de a emula programarea RAD, component-based din WinForms și pentru web applications, WebForms a ajuns rapid un elefant căruia îi descoperi complexitatea doar când te lovești de cazuri non-triviale. Pentru cine … Continue reading


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Optimistic concurrency support in HTTP and WebAPI – part 2

A short follow-up to the latest post on Optimistic concurrency control in ASP.NET WebAPI. One question that might come up is: what should we do if, after changing a resource (entity), the client send a PUT request with the changes, but forgets … Continue reading

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