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When the length of a database field can be misleading

The length of a database field, at least on MS SQL Server, is not what many people think it is. Let’s say that I have a 10 character field: nvarchar(10): Surely we can insert a row with 5 chars in … Continue reading

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Connection resiliency in Entity Framework 6

The EF team has recently announced the new features added to EF 6 beta 1, and among them is one I found interesting: connection resiliency. Despite the fancy name, it’s a simple concept: having built-in support for automatically retrying an … Continue reading

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Back to basics – paging pe SQL Server 2012

Aminteam într-un post mai vechi că SQL Server, în sfârșit (incepând cu viitorea versiune Denali/2012 (fost 2011 la un moment dat), actualmente în stadiul de CTP3) suportă clauzele OFFSET/FETCH pentru paginare, metodă existentă în standardul SQL de o gramadă de … Continue reading


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