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Event aggregator in .NET

A few days ago I had to choose an event aggregator implementation for using it inside the project (ASP.NET in this case). Of course, there are plenty of alternatives, probably the most famous being the one from Prism . Since that … Continue reading

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MSTest and continous integration without Visual Studio

I recently had to setup a CI server (Jenkins, but this applies to any other, like CC.Net or TFS) and had to automate the execution of unit tests after each build. The project uses MSTest and everywhere I searched it … Continue reading

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Optimistic concurrency support in HTTP and WebAPI – part 2

A short follow-up to the latest post on Optimistic concurrency control in ASP.NET WebAPI. One question that might come up is: what should we do if, after changing a resource (entity), the client send a PUT request with the changes, but forgets … Continue reading

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CallerMemberName – mai bine mai târziu decât niciodată

Printre avalașa de noutăți aduse de VS11 beta, .NET 4.5 beta, C# 5.0 beta s-a strecurat un mic feature care ar fi făcut viața mai ușoară la mulți programatori dacă ar fi apărut cu 10 ani în urmă: CallerMemberNameAttribute Oricine … Continue reading

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